How to View all your Past Searches on Google

Did you know that Google remembers everything you have searched for since the beginning of time? Yes they do. Every time you search something on Google while signed in to your Google account, they store your search queries against your account. And Google has it neatly arranged with the date, time and even the names of every website you visited from the search results. It is stored securely in your account and the data dates back to the time you created your Google account. There is no reason to panic though, you are the only person who can see this data.
Google search history
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How to Enable or Disable SSD TRIM in Windows 10

Solid state drives are becoming extremely popular these days. The impressive speed and boost in system performance that SSDs offer are enough reasons for this increasing popularity. If you want a massive upgrade to your PC, replacing your old Hard disk with a solid state drive would be the way to go. This is literally the best upgrade you can do at the moment.

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How to Deal with a Slow Internet Connection

The importance that internet has in our lives simply cannot be stressed out enough. In the early 21st century, we turn to our browsers for guidance, Facebook and Instagram for social interactions and YouTube and Netflix for entertainment. To make things even more complicated, one in five people in the U.S. reported to be working from home, with most of the first world countries following in suit. When all of this is taken into consideration, it’s quite easy to try and guess what kind of trouble a setback in internet connection speed may represent. So, here are few tips and tricks that may help you deal with slow internet.

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Improve Customer experience with Big Data and Social Media Synthesis

Many entrepreneurs freak out when their customers use social media to comment on their customer experience (CX). Social media made consumers less discrete. Now that they can easily share their thoughts publicly, entrepreneurs need to give extra effort in order to improve their CX and commercial offer in general.

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Things You should Know about Using a USB Drive

USB devices are extremely handy in regards to moving and sharing data. But as we’ve pointed out in the past, there are many other cool things you can do with a USB. The highly influential USB Implementers Forum is making sure that USB devices continue to progress as technology expands. The latest USB version is proof positive that storing and sharing data across devices is continuing to grow. Because we’re storing more data than ever before, securing USBs is now a top priority.

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