Things to consider before buying a Domain name for your Blog

A domain name is undoubtedly the first thing people are going to notice about your blog or website. They will obviously use it to judge the quality of your blog even before they decide to pay a visit. This simply means you need a great domain in the first place to have your blog receive more hits. Finding an attractive domain name may not be so hard, but there are more to look for before registering it. So let’s see what you need to know before registering a cool new domain name for your blog.

Things to consider before buying domain


Brandability of the name

Being a blogger, the domain name you choose is going to be your brand name as well. So it is important that the chosen domain name is brandable. By brandable, I mean a domain that would sound good being a company name and never ever used by anyone else before. You should choose the domain name that can support your online brand awareness in every way possible like the logo, meaning, color scheme and more. Your domain name should also speak for itself and give the visitor an idea on what your site is all about. A brandable domain is short and unique while still making its niche clear. Shorter domain names are much easier to remember and sound more authoritative.

Choose Domain extensions wisely

The most popular and common domain extensions on the web are .com, .net and .org respectively. So it goes without saying that you should opt for one of these three domain name extensions. I’d say you should try and get the .com one for your blog especially if your readers are not that tech savvy. This is because most people assume the extension of a website which they are not sure about to be .com. If you use the .com extension, there isn’t much to worry about losing visitors because of mistyped domain name. Moreover, .com sounds more authoritative which goes without saying. It is always better to spend some extra bucks and get the .com rather than settling for a cheap .info domain which you may regret later.

Availability of Social media handles

Social media is almost inevitable for any business nowadays and your blog is no exception. Before you register a domain name for your blog, make sure the corresponding social media handles are available to pick. If you start your blog and find out it’s not available, you will have to settle for a not so cool social media handle. This is a very common mistake people make while registering a domain for their blog. I have made this mistake myself once and it sure becomes a real problem when you find that the social media usernames are already taken by someone else. To check the availability of a social media handle, type in the URL of the social site followed by a forward slash and your desired handle. This method works with most of the social sites. Like, type in or, if it throws an error page, your social handle is still available and you’re good to go. Check this for all the major social sites that you would target. It’s always better to be on the safer side rather than regret later.You can also use the username availability tool called NameChk to check if a username is available on the popular sites.

Copyright issues

You are bound to follow the rules everywhere and copyright violation can be a very serious problem which can mess things up. Make sure your domain name does not exactly contain the popular brand names and you are good to go. Huge companies have their trademark registered and it is easy for them to sue you for their copyright violation. It is not a good idea to register an exact match domain name even if the domain suffix is different. If is already registered and running, you shouldn’t choose as it might create branding and copyright issues for both the parties. Copyright issues can be more dangerous than they actually appear to be, so a little care is always good.


Since domain name is the first and most important part of a website or blog, extreme care has to be taken before choosing one for your new start up. Always remember that a .com domain will get indexed faster than a country specific one on search engines. Having an easy to spell domain name can help a lot in marketing. The domain name cannot be changed once your site gets established and hence you must be very picky with it. You might also be interested in our article on the common blogging mistakes people make. Did i miss something? Feel free to suggest more.
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