5 Toxic practices that can kill a blog sooner or later

Thousands of new blogs enter the blogosphere every day. But sadly, not all of them make it to the end of the next year. Many blogs die after the very first year of starting them. Why do blogs fail? Well, a clear cut answer is nowhere found for this question, but we might look into some of the most common hindrances to a blog’s growth which will eventually result in the death of it.

Toxic practices that kill blogging

1. Starting a blog just for some quick bucks

This is the most common reason why many blogs fail. If you stumbled upon blogging while in search of a money making strategy online, mark my words; your blog is born with cancer. Blogging can make money to people who are actually passionate about the content they are sharing. And you don’t get to download passion off the internet, it comes from within. Some people may argue money is good motivation for blogging, but the reality is blogging money doesn’t come as quick as people expect it to be. Blogs that actually make good revenue are older and established ones and it took real efforts and time for that. When you start a blog with just money in mind, you expect it to come real soon and that won’t happen as I said earlier. This will obviously degrade the only motivation that the blogger had and that’s the end of a blog. So, when you are about to start a new blog, evaluate your own goals.

2. Choosing the wrong niche

Many bloggers make this mistake the first time they start a blog. If you choose a niche that you are not good at, your blog will starve without useful content. Many people choose the blog niche considering factors like competition, monetization etc. Choosing a niche which has less competition doesn’t make your blog succeed. Some others choose the niche which is known to have more revenue opportunities. Both of these can end up your blog in bad health. If you are in the wrong niche, all you do will be trying hard without results as that niche is not your best. You should always go for the niche you are good at rather than falling for the perks of other niches. The right niche has an impact on how often you actually get new content ideas.

3. Trying too hard

I have observed some newly started and super-active blogs shut down pretty quickly while one would expect them to stay longer from the enthusiasm of these bloggers. The problem here, I guess is trying too much. If you try hard to maintain a super-active blog, you might easily get exhausted. Pushing your limits work in sports. Blogging or writing is not like sports; and trying hard may have adverse effects here like the writer’s block. It is better to post only when you actually have a good content idea rather than brainstorming yourself for a new idea. Writer’s block can make your blog look deserted later on if you try to post too much in less time. So, it’s always better to go with the flow of your brain when it comes to blogging. And yeah, that would keep your blog from dying out of exhaustion.

4. Prioritizing SEO higher than content

Many new bloggers live with the misconception of SEO being everything. They just don’t think from the point of view of a reader. No one will love to visit a blog that has shallow content optimized well. People visit your blog for the content you provide, not just to make your blog popular. If you provide them that, you win a loyal reader. Search engines keep updating their algorithms, but a blog with loyal readers don’t have to worry about that. This doesn’t mean SEO should completely be ignored, just that you shouldn’t prioritize it higher than your content. Optimizing your blog is useless if you don’t have good content to back it up. The result of trying SEO on a blog with shallow content would be null. This will eventually degrade your motivation and kill your blog.

5. Too many guest posts

Most new bloggers get excited when they receive the first guest posting request on their blog. The perks of getting an article written by someone else for free may sound cool at first, but too much of it will alter the voice of your blog and make it not yours anymore. It is also important to identify legitimate guest posters from the mere link builders that are more in number. Make sure that the site you link to from the author bio is a well maintained blog and not just some website trying to get links. It is better to turn down the requests from people who approach you with guest posts that are merely intended to get backlinks from you. Accepting to many guest posts will eventually dissolve your blog’s identity and kill it.

You might want to read about the things to consider before buying a domain name if you plan on starting a new blog. Well, that’s five of the highly toxic practices known to kill blogs. Have something to add to the list? Pen them as comments below!
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