The Benefits of Flat Web Design

Ancient people believed that the earth was flat. Although we have come a long way from those times, the tech world is becoming flat now. Not literally though, flat is the new design trend in operating systems, websites, apps, gadgets and even home appliances. Everything that we use is slowly adopting a flat and sleek design which is also obviously ergonomic. Look at the stylish flat tiles of windows 8 and windows phones, the thin Google logo which was once 3 dimensional or the countless popular websites out there. They are now flat and look simple yet stylish. Have you updated your business website or blog for this change yet? If not, read on to know why it is really important that you should.
Benefits of flat web design

Advantages of flat web design

Here are the perks of adopting a flat design for your website.

Flat is simple but stylish

A flat user interface maybe too simple, But it makes finding all the essential information on a website so much easier. With thousands of new sites entering the internet every day, people have a vast variety of choices now. Complicated and mind blowing graphics are old-school already and people need the real content to be consumed in a simple user-friendly format. Flat designs are the best when it comes to simplicity and it doesn’t obstruct the visitors from easily reading the content on your site. While technology has become complicated, the end users are now opting for simplicity. In fact, eye-catching 3D designs aren’t cool anymore; flat and simple is the new cool.

Flat designs Load faster

The more complicated a website’s design becomes, the more time it takes to load all the code and media behind it. Since the number of mobile internet users is on the rise, you just can’t assume that they all have a blazing fast internet on their smartphone to load all the mess you have on your site. What you have to do is adopt a simpler design which is faster on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. The pricey mobile data charges are also a reason why heavy sites don’t go along with mobile devices. Flat designs are usually lighter and loads faster on mobile devices. Search engines love fast loading sites too, so you have all the more good reasons to go for a flat design.

Comparatively easier to build

Flat designs are simpler and it only takes less effort from the side of a web-designer to create them. Graphically rich designs use shadows, gradients, textures and other elements which double the work for a web-designer. Flat designs are attractive and user friendly despite of being easier to create. Having less graphical elements can also make your website flexible to design modifications whenever required.


Although a flat design limits the creative possibilities of a website, the clean and easy navigation it provides cannot be ignored. After all, flat design favors the ever rising mobile internet users who need a clutter free browsing experience. Many high end web designers believe that the flat user interface is here to stay. If you are planning to start a new website or blog, be sure to read the things to keep in mind before buying a domain name. So, are you planning to redesign your site for a clean and clutter-free flat user interface? Feel free to pen down your thoughts below.
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