4 Most Common AdSense Myths that you must Ignore

Google AdSense remains the most popular way to monetize a website or blog till the day. Getting into the AdSense program is a big issue for many new webmasters out there. While it’s true that it’s not a cakewalk to get AdSense, neither is it that hard. I have seen many myths about AdSense float on several forums and social media and it seems many people have a misconception about the way AdSense works. I thought I’d put an end to some of the very common myths about AdSense through this post. Here are the most common misconceptions about AdSense that you should never believe.

Common adsense myths

Myth #1. Your blog/website must be at least 6 months old

Well, this is the most commonly heard myth about AdSense approval from a very long time. From my personal experience, I can tell you that this is just so wrong. Nowhere in the AdSense TOS do they mention about this ‘6 months’ requirement. The only logical reason I can think about the origin of this hoax is that 6 months could be a good time period for a blog to gain reasonable traffic and content. The truth is, you can even get a few days old blog approved by AdSense if it has some unique posts. Also, just because your blog is 6 months old doesn’t mean you are qualified for AdSense.

Myth #2. You need a high traffic blog for getting AdSense approved

This is something many people believe but certainly not a criterion for AdSense approval.  Too many new bloggers think that their blog is getting rejected by AdSense because of the low traffic that they have. This is just a myth; AdSense does not consider the traffic of a site for their approval process. It is completely based on how you present your blog and its content. So next time when you get rejected, work on the content of your site instead of the traffic. Anyway, having AdSense on a zero traffic blog is of no use to you either. So, content first and traffic will follow you.

Myth #3. You can easily get banned from AdSense

This is a very superficial statement I’ve heard people usually make about AdSense. This can scare newbie webmasters and bloggers very much to a point of losing their motivation in the whole thing. Probably, those people who came up with this myth broke too many AdSense policies or guidelines, knowingly or unknowingly. The AdSense team doesn’t just keep banning accounts for no reason; they just hate it when you break the TOS. Although there are a lot of policies that should be taken care of while using AdSense on your site, it is not at all a hard thing once you get a big picture of it. Most things that you already know is bad are considered to be policy violations by AdSense. So just be good and AdSense will stay with you throughout the journey.

Myth #4. Text ads are better than image ads

This actually depends a lot on your niche and audience. While text ads do well for some niches, image ads are a better option for some other niche sites. You will have to find out what works for your site by going with the trial and error method. Sometimes, what works best is a balance between text and image ads. So, do not be inclined to ignore image ads completely based on this myth.


Although AdSense can be a great way to monetize your web content, you have to be aware of the dos, don’ts and myths to be sure you are making the most of it. Having a well maintained blog or website can make sure you stay in the game. Be sure to read the AdSense TOS completely to be sure you don’t break any of them, this will help you stay safe. You might want to read about the things to consider before getting a domain name if you plan to start a new blog or website.
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