Improve Customer experience with Big Data and Social Media Synthesis

Many entrepreneurs freak out when their customers use social media to comment on their customer experience (CX). Social media made consumers less discrete. Now that they can easily share their thoughts publicly, entrepreneurs need to give extra effort in order to improve their CX and commercial offer in general.

Luckily, social media also brought many positive changes in various business departments, from marketing and sales to customer experience. Social media profiles and accounts are inexhaustible sources of useful customer data. With the right analytic tools, companies can draw conclusions that will help them to uplift their CX to the highest level.

Audience Targeting

Unfortunately there are consumers who will never be satisfied with products, services and the CX we are offering. You should avoid these people at all cost, because most bad reviews you read on social media and websites like Yelp, come directly from them. With the use of social media and big data analytic tools, you can easily single out these high-maintenance individuals and promote services and products among people who appreciate your work instead.

We can do this with customer segmentation. The highest goal of this process is to determine our perfect consumer groups, and to tailor every: slogan, banner, poster or piece of informative content we post for them to like it. Social media helps us a lot with this task. We can check our previous customer interactions, and behavioral and demographic information of people who provided desired type of feedback. For this purpose we will need to check thousands of profiles and analyze tones of information, but in the Digital Era, this doesn’t pose a problem, because we have big data analytics on our side.

Engage Customers at the Right Time and in the Right way

Social media presence requires businesses to instantly answer customers’ questions and requests. Working hours do not exist anymore, because a company’s Facebook page and the Twitter account require constant attention. Most people spend time on social networks after work, which means that you need to post your content exactly at the time when your ideal consumer is sipping a cold drink and scrolling down his/hers news feed.

For determining the right time for posting your content, you can use free insights that are often integrated in social media platforms. Facebook Page Insights are very popular as well, but if you want your calculations to be even more precise, you will need to use a wide variety of other tools. Big data analytics should definitely be on top of your list, as well as various other BI software solutions that can turn your research results into infographics and easy understandable business reports.

The best time to post our content and commercials is not the only useful insight that we can get from these social data pools. With the use of big data analytic tools, we can determine what types of content our audience likes the most and use it to drastically increase our page engagement.

We Should Learn From big Businesses and the Government

Big companies and data aggregators are constantly scooping people’s social media data to use it for marketing purposes. Government agencies are no different, but they do it for completely different reasons. These huge pools of data are being turned into precious behavioral patterns that are able to predict consumer behavior. This allows companies to make real predictions and organize more effective marketing campaigns.

One of the companies that uses this practice is Nissen Co. LTD. They send more than 200 million catalogues per year to consumers around Japan. They use Facebook insights to personalize catalogue offer for each customer individually. Smart analysis of social media data drastically increased their sales in the last few years.

Small Businesses can use Big Data too

Many entrepreneurs think that only big corporate entities have access to consumers’ social media data. But with so many data aggregators that offer these insights, as well as with various tools they can use to analyze their own social media followers, there is no excuse for not using the benefits that these methods bring. Web scraping services from PromptCloud can be used to aggregate and make sense of this growing data.

This is a guest contribution from Oscar Waterworth.

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