How to get an Approved Wikipedia Page for your Company

If you are looking for the information on how to get an approved Wikipedia for your company, this article will be extremely useful for you. In order to have a smooth experience with getting a Wikipedia page for your company, you must know the factors and criteria that are very important in Wikipedia. It is crucial to know about Wikipedia’s approval process before you can actually get your Wikipedia page approved. This guide will help you draft your Wikipedia page in such a way that it doesn’t get deleted by the other users on Wikipedia. When you create an article for Wikipedia, you must give all possible information about the topic or your company, good or bad. It is also important that you follow all the guidelines by Wikipedia for the approval to happen.

How to get an approved Wikipedia page for your company

How to create a Wikipedia page for your company

The process

Wikipedia has a section where users can submit their article creation requests. Once you submit a request here, someone from the community would take up the task of creation and get it done. This is called AFC (articles for creation). 

AFC is the right place where you as an editor can create new articles and submit them for the review. Once submitted, the other editors or a volunteer editor, will move the article to the main space if he is satisfied with the article that you have created. If not, the editor will leave comments on how to improve the article to be worthy of publishing on Wikipedia.

Once it is approved by the volunteer then it is moved to the place where all other articles are. Here in the main space, it can be edited by anyone from the group of people using Wikipedia and could also become subject to deletion review if an editor feels the article is not notable. So, even if the article is initially “approved” through the articles for creation, it can still be deleted by the community if it's not worthy of being on Wikipedia. 

Many people have a misconception about approval of a Wikipedia page being final. This is totally false and your page could be flagged for deletion any time if something is not right about the conten.t Hence, it is important that you draft your article in neutral tone that doesn't create conflicts with Wikipedia's guidelines.

Submitting to the main article space

You have the option to submit your articles directly to main article space of Wikipedia. There are a few benefits to this approach too. There is no delay for review when you directly submit to the main space and your page gets reviewed soon after the submission. It is recommended that you only use this option if you believe your page needs no further improvement and is perfect as it is. If in doubt, always use the AFC. (Articles for creation).

By directly submitting to the main space you also put your article for the whole of Wikipedia community instead of just a single editor in case of AFC.In case your article gets flagged for deletion, there will be a discussion where editors from Wikipedia can talk and reach a reasonable conclusion. Sticking to all the guidelines put forward by Wikipedia is important for getting your company page approved. Being overly promotional can result in the page being rejected. It is also important that your company has notable references to back it. If you are not sure about the notability of your references, it is better to submit your page in the articles for creation section as there would be experienced editors who can do the task for you.


Getting a Wikipedia page approved is a tough task if you don't qualify all the criteria for inclusion in the Wikipedia. Since it is a community driven website, there isn't much you can do apart from being legitimate and following all the rules.

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